Promoting and engaging the next generation of women leaders in law

Welcome to London's first legal network for pre-partnership level women solicitors, both in private practice and in-house.

Since 1992, women have accounted for over one half of new entrants to the legal profession. Indeed, as at July 2013, women made up 61% of entrants to the legal profession however, in 2014, 28.5% of partnership promotions in the top 20 firms in the UK went to women. Furthermore, a report by the Law Society in March 2014 on the gender pay gap for solicitors showed that it is at around 30% for women in private practice and 27.8% for women working in-house. 

WILL was officially launched in October 2014 as a network aimed at associate-level solicitors in private practice and in-house. Since that time, we have acquired over 1,800 members and Champions across London, representing both private practice and in-house lawyers at over 350 different firms and companies. 

WILL organises regular events for its members, including keynote speakers discussing topical issues, workshops, seminars (WILLconnect and WILLpower, networking opportunities and conducted research. In 2015, WILL hosted 14 different events throughout the course of the year. In addition, WILL is working with firms and companies in London on behalf of its members to encourage those organisations to share their experiences and implement policies and practices that will positively impact the retention rate of women in law. 

Despite its focus on more junior women, WILL encourages more senior women to sign up as 'WILL Champions' and attend its events. Please register through our Contact page if you are interested in becoming a WILL Champion.

If you are interested in joining as either a member or as a WILL Champion (if you are a partner or in-house equivalent), please get in touch through the Contact page.  

Women In Law London